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We are currently in Beta and all our customers can join Testributor for free, but “for free” makes more sense when you know the normal price, as some of our users pointed out. For this reason, we added the Pricing page. We want you to know exaclty what we offer and be prepared for the paid plans when the Beta period is over.

We also made some changes in our homepage to make Blog, Documentation and the rest of the pages more accessible. Last but not least, we enhanced the documentation in the “Files” and “Instructions” sections.

This week...
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News > Previously on Testributor

New features

These are new features and funcionality we added last week:

Status notification on Github Pull Requests

When a tracked branch has an open Pull Request on Github, the status of the last build is now visible directly from the Github Pull Request.

Worker groups

Every worker needs access to the project repository on Github. Previously, all workers used the same credentials to access the code. Revoking access from only one (or some) workers was not possible with this setup.

Now the users can create “Worker Groups”. Each group has its own credentials to access both...
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