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Testributor goes open source

testributor open source

As promised, Testributor’s code is now released under MIT license! That means that anyone can host their own instance of Testributor, anyone can contribute to the development of the application and participate in any way they feel more comfortable with.

Until now, Testributor was a closed source product developed by a small team and we didn’t have to worry about releases and project management out in the open. This means that we will need some time to polish things and streamline the process but the first step has been made.

Next goals

In the following months we plan to:

  • Complete the documentation, both for users and for contributors.
  • Streamline the release process and decide on versioning scheme.
  • Implement pipelining (already under design).
  • Complete the Go agent, currently not working for “Bare repository” projects.
  • Provide an easy deploy/test method. For example we could provide Docker images to help the users try Testributor. This doesn’t need to be production ready containers but we should at least provide an easy way for users to try Testributor locally.

Your opinion matters

Testributor started as a startup from a team of developers who needed a better CI tool than those existed at the time. Open source was in the plan from the beginning and we are happy that we finally released the code.

We hope that this is the start of something good and that we gave Testributor the chance to give its maximum potential. Now it is your time to participate and help us build the perfect CI. Your opinion matters so speak freely.

See you in the other side of the code ;)