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New features

These are new features and funcionality we added last week:

Email notifications

The settings section was split in tabs and a “Notifications” tab was created. Under this tab, users choose when to be notified on a per branch basis. Available options are “On status change”, “Always”, “Never” and “On every failure”. These settings are checked whenever a Build is finished and the user is notified through email about the result of the Build, if needed.

Togglable error messages

Sometimes error messages can be too long, especially when a stacktrace is included. For this reason, we decided to show the error messages collapsed by default. A checkbox was added that lets the user expand all messages.

Added bash functions to build commands

Some build commands do not need to run in every case. To add some flexibility we make some bash functions and environment variables available in Dashboard -> Files -> testributor_build_commands.sh script. Users can find them documented under that file’s form.


The most important bugs fixed are:

Pagination to projects

Users with more than 30 repositories on Github only saw the first 30 when they tried to import a new project. Pagination links were added and now the users can navigate to all their repositories.

Show retry button when a Build completes without reloading the page

When a Build was completed the Retry button did not appear on the page automatically. Users needed to refresh the page to see the button. This was fixed and the button now appears as soon as the Build is complete.

Fixed Build index calculation issue

In the Build index view of a branch, the builds where always assigned an index from 1 to 20 no matter how many builds have been created for that branch. Now they increment correctly.

Fixes special character escaping issue in commit message titles

When commits had HTML special characters in their commit message, those characters showed up with their HTML encoded representation in Build titles. It is now fixed and they render correctly.