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News > Testributor goes open source

testributor open source

As promised, Testributor’s code is now released under MIT license! That means that anyone can host their own instance of Testributor, anyone can contribute to the development of the application and participate in any way they feel more comfortable with.

Until now, Testributor was a closed source product developed by a small team and we didn’t have to worry about releases and project management out in the open. This means that we will need some time to polish things and streamline the process but the first step has been made.

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News > Previously on Testributor

Its been a while since our last changelog post, but we had quite much going on. Here it goes:

Open source projects

Until now all projects on Testributor were private. Only participants could see the build results and the rest of the project’s pages. Now when you add a new project from a public repo, the project will be public by default on Testributor too. That means, any user, logged in or not, will be able to visit the build result pages. They will not be able to see the project’s settings or any of the administrative...
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